Business Consultation and Diagnosis

Vision for the Future

To be successful — to bring value to your customers, your investors, your employees — you have to have a clear and concise plan for your business. Your plan for your business should be dynamic and change as your company, markets and conditions change. Having a plan puts everyone on the same page.
Since technology is such a critical enabler, strategic technology planning should be a major component of your broader corporate strategy. Understanding your current infrastructure and defining a clear path to the future ensures that you make the right decisions to optimize your technology investment and exceed your business goals.
Strategic planning and consulting services from I3 Technology Architects can help you answer the most important questions about your voice, data system and security systems. Questions such as:

  • What does my infrastructure look like – where are the assets and what are their interrelationships?
  • What are my security risks?
  • What voice, data, security, Wi-Fi needs are not being met today?
  • How will our needs change when we add users/locations/customers?
  • How are users being supported and what applications do they need?
  • What equipment will need to be upgraded or replaced, and when?
  • Which vendors should we use?
  • How will we maintain and support our equipment?
  • Can we meet our business objectives with our projected IT budgets?

I3 technology Group has numerous  customers nationwide. Our customers span many industries and ranging in size from small offices to multi-national corporations with thousands of users. Our proven record of service and performance is evidence that we’ve met and overcome virtually every business and technology challenge. Our business consultants, engineers and developers are experienced at facing and solving unique challenges. They understand that a customized solution, built on proven principles, can bring success to your organization.

Meeting Your Technology Expectations

Once a business vision is agreed upon, the design of a voice, data, security, Wi-Fi solution can begin. A sound design is the foundation for an infrastructure project as seen through the lenses of the budget and the business objectives. I3 Technology Architects development and support staff provide services that bring business strategy to reality. From the design process with your internal team and I3’s team will determine the right hardware and software solution required to execute the business strategy.
I3 Technology Architects can design virtually any type of advanced communication system, such as:

  • Traditional PBX
  • IP Telephony/Voice over IP
  • Data center design and deployment
  • Network design and implementation
  • IP Video Surveillance
  • Security audits
  • Long-haul networks
  • Wired and wireless LAN
  • Videoconferencing
  • Paging systems
  • Call centers/Contact centers
  • Collaborative applications
  • Inside/outside plant cabling


Monitoring Services

WH International Response Center

24/7 monitoring of your Security system.



Keeping it Working

When you pick up a phone, you expect a dial tone. When your customers call you, they expect to get through. Your employees expect that they will have the tools necessary to communicate and share information. Support services from I3 Technology Group help you meet those demands. Our commitment to meeting and exceeding service levels – we approach the Five 9’s with the Five R’s approach (Redundancy, Raid1, Replicate & Restore, Rescue, Rapid Tunneling) for our customers with mission-critical system availability requirements.

One Back to Pat, One Neck to Choke

I3 Technology stands behind the hardware and software products it recommends. We pride ourselves on being able to offer our customers first class post sale service and support. By having I3 Technology Group support and service all of your technology needs you avoid the all too often vendor finger pointing scenario which in turn allows you to take advantage of our “ONE BACK TO PAT ONE NECK TO CHOKE” philosophy. Our support services help diagnose problems when they occur and through our advanced systems and tools,
Our trusted vendor relationships also mean we often have the first workarounds or solutions to problems and can get your investments back up and running sooner.
Our Gold service maintenance and support plan (GSMRP) is available to assist you with:

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We offer discounted rates for pre-purchased blocks of hours as outlined below:

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